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Post-Ecliptic Thoughts

Bends of Light

eclipse pouring

Now that we’re on the other side of the equinox eclipse, I have a moment to share my take on it. At the core, this is a major reset. Spring starts with a glimmer of light, then switches it off, then starts again. Now for insights into that…

This is a new moon, a usually invisible moon. That which is unseen is occluding the light projector of reality, the thing that reflects light off of what is and so we see only reflections, not what is absorbing the light. So this is our reality, an illusion that reflects light, while the unseen “dark” drinks light in. Train yourself to see with eyes that perceive light without help of an outside source. That which we see as reality is about to get a dose of truth that has been waiting, circling, phasing in and out of form, in and out of…

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